Changes to Versioning for the EAN API

As EAN moves to an improved versioning method, any new, non-breaking V3 API feature releases from this point forward will fall under minor revision 30. New features under minor revision 30 will be detailed on this changelog.

All releases under minor revision 30 will be non-breaking – new features may add new elements to responses.
This minor revision also marks the end of SOAP support – no new features will be released for SOAP. REST is the preferred protocol for all future releases.
Required Action & Future Planning
If you have already integrated minor revision 30, no additional work is required. You may integrate any additional new features released under minor revision 30 at any time. New features released under this revision will continue to be non-breaking.
Since multiple non-breaking changes may be released under a single revision, your integration must be able to accept new elements in responses without breaking. Do not upgrade to minor revision 30 until you have confirmed your integration is capable of handling this behavior.
If you have not yet upgraded to minor revision 30, you must upgrade now to access any future features that include new elements. These releases will not be available for minor revisions 24-29. Review the changelog for changes required to upgrade.