API Changelog 2009

October 29, 2009

SOAP ONLY: Added wsMinorRev to SOAP Web Services to accommodate minor revisions and new elements periodically added to the data systems.

July 2009 

Credit Card Security Values required for booking for all affiliates DEADLINE: Oct 1, 2009


The Credit Card Security Value (sometimes called CSV, CVV2, CVN, CID, CVC2) is referred to as creditCardIdentifier when making an XML or Web Services hotel reservation request. This is found on the back of the card as illustrated above.

Review the documentation under HotelReservationRequest within the ReservationInfo node.

  • After Oct 1, 2009, ALL affiliates that do not send the CSV value in their reservation requests will result in errors from the payment processing center with failed bookings.
  • DO NOT store CSV values beyond the completion of the transaction and payment process as required for PCI compliance.

March 2009

All affiliates using old map linking methods must update to the new map linking methods described above to insure your maps continue to work. The old map link formats are no longer being supported.

Change all API requests from www.travelnow.com to axml.travelnow.com.

January 2009

New International Languages Supported on Expedia Collect Properties

As we continue to expand our international depth and breadth, we have a variety of new languages that can immediately be utilized. Refer to the hotel availability request for the full list of languages under <locale>.

All change logs recorded before 2009 and since 2001 have been archived since earlier versions are no longer active and prior content is no longer valid.