API Changelog 2010

December 10, 2010

Soft launch of the new EAN Developer Hub

September 15, 2010

Social Media channels made available through EAN.

September 14, 2010

New TSA Security Requirements for Flight Bookings add these new elements:

middleName (string) Required. The passenger middle name must also be included. This will pass if left blank in cases where the passenger does not have a middle name, but will depend on the rules of validation of the individual airlines.
dateOfBirth (string) Required. The passenger date of birth must also be included. Format EX: 2/12/1965
gender (string) Required. The gender of each passenger must be included.

(string) Optional. The Redress Control Number is the record identifier for people who apply for redress through the DHS Travel Redress Inquiry Program (DHS TRIP). DHS TRIP is for travelers who have been repeatedly identified for additional screening and who want to file an inquiry to have erroneous information corrected in DHS systems. Allow passengers who have a 7-digit redress number to enter it when making their reservation.

Travelers WITHOUT Redress Control Numbers

Not everyone has a redress number. If you don't have a redress number and an airline or a travel site asks for your redress number, you can leave it blank. If you do not have a redress number, you will still be able to make reservations and travel as normal. The redress number is an optional field and is not relevant for most travelers.

Travelers with Redress Control Numbers

You may provide your redress number when you make a reservation or when updating your airline profile. For more info, refer to http://www.dhs.gov/files/programs/gc1257360592800.shtm

March 24, 2010

For Version 200631 Web Services, use wsMinorRevision=3 to take advantage of all new elements and functions listed below. Download a fresh set of schemas to regenerate your source files and access the new items.

GET LandmarksForDestinationId See Hotel Geo Functions Outlines for new request method
Hotel Info response added latitude and longitude
Hotel Availability, Room Availability, and Dateless Hotel response added deep link to the corresponding EAN White Label Template page
RateInfo and PromoRateInfo nodes taxesOnly

Some properties' room descriptions and rates clearly show pricing for the maximum number of guests allowed at that rate.

Other properties do not increase the individual room rate, but will add extra person charges to the taxes and fees. In these cases the total chargeable taxes and fees appear quite large. By separating the extra person charges and the taxes only charges we can see the differences in the taxes and fees at that property.