Changes from minorRev 4–13

minorRev Elements added, removed, or moved
13 Deprecated Added tripAdvisorRating, market, region, superRegion, online, nights, and theme to the itinerary response.
12 Deprecated Added hotel info options to room avail request and response
11 Deprecated Added supplierCacheTolerance and cachedSupplierResponse for requesting and confirming cached hotel list responses.
10 Deprecated Added nonRefundable flag to hotel list response. See the minor rev 20 guide for current placement under RateInfos.
9 Deprecated None, internal fixes
8 Deprecated Added base TripAdvisor elements.

Added hotelRating, nights, online, and ratePlanType to the itinerary response.
7 Deprecated

Introduction of the RateInfos array. Review & integrate its current structure for list, avail, booking, itinerary, cancel.

Minor revision 20 moved many more elements into RateInfos - review the upgrade guide to ensure you've integrated all of RateInfos' current child elements.

6 Deprecated Adds bedTypeDescription and roomDescription to the booking response
5 Deprecated salesTax and hotelOccupancyTax to rate results under the Surcharges array. Moved to RateInfos under minor revision 20.
4 Deprecated Original public release. If minorRev is not included in a request, this is the published default value.