Increase sales conversions by including Value Add info on room types.

Value adds are special values or services offered by the property included in the price of the room. Display them alongside room types on your hotel list and room availability pages to increase conversion.

Display only single room types in hotel list results.

By default, only the first room type from each hotel database record is returned in the search result. 

This has proven to provide the highest conversion rates and sales in Expedia user testing. Displaying a “slim” results page with single room types per hotel provided higher conversions than displaying multiple room types per property. Allow users to select when they wish to review more room types by selecting a property from the city list to investigate further.

best conversion

less effective conversion

maxRatePlanResults may be used to display additional types if desired:

Only use maxRatePlanResults in city availability requests if you have a design or business model that takes special advantage of multiple room type displays in the search result

Avoid using "opt-out" setups for add-on products

When selling additional products or services with additional fees on top of the EAN hotel price, avoid forcing customers to "opt-out" of purchasing these products or services. This is considered a deceptive practice and reflects poorly on businesses even if the preselected choice is made prominent.

"Opt-out" setups include pre-selecting a confirmation checkbox or radio button that would confirm the purchase, or forcing the selection of a checkbox or radio button to avoid purchasing.

The customer should always be given a blank "Yes/No" selection or an empty confirmation checkbox for any additional-cost products or services. Offering a balanced choice builds customer trust and confidence.

Avoid overloading initial views with results and options

Offering an assortment of filters and returning a higher number of initial results will improve conversion, but displaying this content improperly will make the site difficult to use.

To offer a high level of choice while keeping results clean and easy-to-browse, use a layout style that limits the number of hotels and filter options that appear above the fold. 

Customers will easily be able to see the prices and image thumbnails of the top-sorted hotels and have instant access to the most common filter types, with additional hotels and more detailed filters available a short scroll down the page.

There is no benefit in compacting as many hotel results and search results above the fold as possible - variety is proven to improve conversion, density is not.