Letting customers manage their own bookings saves time and money. This guide will help you create your own self service page using standard API requests.

Itinerary Retrieval

In order to offer itinerary retrieval and related tasks such as receipts or reservation confirmations, use the API’s itinerary request. The request supports search via itinerary number and email or last name and credit card number, the same as the template-based option.

Additional info for confirmations

To feature room and hotel amenities in your reservation confirmations, use the itinerary response combined with a hotel info request using the appropriate options to narrow the response. The hotel info response will return all room types for the hotel, so be sure to display info only for the room types that were booked.

Example: Creating a Detailed Booking Confirmation

To create a reservation confirmation that features both the original booking info and details property amenities, you’ll need to first request the itinerary and use specific details from the response for a hotel info request.

Send an itinerary request to retrieve the basic booking information:

cid=[your CID]
&apiKey=[your key]
<itineraryId>[customer itin ID]</itineraryId>
<email>[customer email]</email>

Then populate a hotel info request with the hotelId value from the Hotel object within the itinerary response to obtain amenities for the hotel. Note this request is asking for both the room and property amenities:

cid=[your CID]
&apiKey=[your key]

The hotel info response will return all possible room types. Return only the information for the roomType booked, found in the HotelConfirmation section of the itinerary response.

When combined into a single page to present to the customer, this information will confirm both the booking itself and the details of the room and property that were booked.

Cancel Itinerary

To let a customer cancel their own itinerary, use the cancellation request. You will need to request the confirmation number, itinerary number, and original email address used to book the reservation.

Always send an itinerary request first to check if the itinerary contains multiple rooms. In these cases, remember that each room must be cancelled individually. Prompt the customer to select the rooms they wish to cancel and send each room in its own request.

Design considerations

You may wish to offer external links to a map or driving directions to the hotel, your customer service contact details to resolve any last-minute issues, or any travel or leisure products your company cross-sells.

Ensure that the core functions of itinerary retrieval, printing or re-sending, and cancellations are clear and up front in the page’s UI. Critical information such as the name and address of the hotel, check-in and check-out times, etc., should never appear below the fold – do not make customers scroll down to find this info or the links to request it.

Customers may wish to print their receipt or reservation confirmation. For any print or save-as-PDF options, send the customer to a minimal page that contains only the formatted response and your site’s header.