API Integration Tips for Mobile

EAN’s APIs services can be used to create end-to-end mobile sites and apps. We’ve called out a few features below that can help optimize your mobile site or app experience.


  • Use latitude/longitude search capabilities to identify hotels ‘around me’

    Offer a “hotels near me” feature by sending a Hotel List request with the user’s latitude/longitude coordinates, a search radius size, and a sort value of PROXIMITY. With this combination, you will return a list of available hotels closest to your customer.

    For example: If a customer is standing under the Space Needle in Seattle and wants to use your app to find hotels within 2 miles, you would send the following parameters in your Hotel List request:

  • Hotel Coordinates

    For users to get an idea of the geographical location of a hotel, use the lat/long coordinates returned in the HotelSummary object. For faster response times, you can use the ActivePropertyList static database file to retrieve coordinates and supplement your API responses.


  • Amenity Codes

    Represent common amenities such as restaurants, swimming pool, gym facilities, etc. using text or icons in your app.
    You can retrieve available amenities for individual hotels by using the Room Availability response, the Hotel Info response or the Attribute List download file.

  • Hotel Thumbnail Photos

    Always display thumbnails for properties in your results. Thumbnail photos are available from our static database files, the Hotel List response or Hotel Info response.

  • Property Summary information

    The HotelSummary object returns essential basic details for each property, including a short description, its star rating, name & address, and latitude/longitude coordinates. Use these items to quickly populate your initial search results. The HotelSummary object is available in the Hotel List and Hotel Info responses, or use the ActivePropertyList static database file to obtain the same data points.

  • Star Ratings

    Star ratings for each property are available from the Hotel List, Hotel Info, and Itinerary responses. Or, use the ActivePropertyList static database file to obtain star ratings for all active properties. You can pre-filter so that only a certain set of star rating hotels are returned, e.g 3 stars or above.

  • TripAdvisor

    TripAdvisor ratings and reviews are available free-of-charge to all EAN partners as long as they have a contract with TripAdvisor – follow our basic integration guide here. After passing a review by TripAdvisor, rating and review values will be returned directly within the Hotel list, Hotel information, and Room Availability responses.


  • Limit the number of search results

    Requesting dozens of hotels at once hurts response times and consumes unnecessary data. We generally recommend setting your Hotel List request’s numberOfResults value significantly lower than your desktop site (in the average case the max value should be lower than 30).

  • Use EAN Sort to Optimize Results

    Use EAN’s default sort order when returning initial hotel results. EAN’s default sort is continuously optimized to place preferred, best-converting hotels at the top.

  • Access Expedia’s Mobile Deals by passing the user agent

    Promote mobile-only deals by highlighting properties that return promoType=Mobile in your Hotel List and Room Availability results. To return mobile deals, send each customer’s user agent string using the customerUserAgent common element.

  • Promote Same-Day Deals

    When searching for same-day room availabilities, highlight properties returning promo="true" to drive shopping to hotels offering deals for last-minute bookings. For applications promoting last-minute bookings, it is also recommended to use the current date as default check-in date value.