If you plan to integrate virtual cards or corporate cards, please first discuss with your EAN Partner:Connect representative.

Best Practices: Issuance & Active Lifetime

Ensure virtual cards are both issued and active prior to requesting a booking, and that they remain active through the check-in date.

If you have already used virtual or corporate cards separately from your EAN integration, you may need to update your configuration for optimal behavior.

Be mindful of these specific points and scenarios when configuring your virtual card(s) for your EAN integration:

Issuance Latency
Some virtual cards are not active until a few seconds after being issued.
In these cases, bookings will fail if you send your EAN booking request too quickly after issuing the card.
Test and accommodate your virtual card issuer(s) latency for this task before transitioning to live bookings.

Activation Timing
Cards must be active prior to booking, regardless of how and when payment is collected. Setting the activation date to the check-in date or otherwise will cause booking failures.

  • Expedia Collect pre-paid rates will fail immediately if the card is not active at the time of booking
  • Hotel Collect bookings may fail if the hotel is unable to pre-authorize the provided guarantee virtual card at the time of booking due to an activation delay.

Card Configuration
Always configure virtual cards for Hotel Collect bookings as multi-use.
The hotel may require a non-refundable portion of the total to be collected at the time of booking; or, the pre-authorization step may be considered a transaction and cause a single-use card to be consumed.
Either of these scenarios will cause customer issues at check-in or possible loss of the reservation. Multi-use cards ensure the same card information is available for all steps required of the reservation.

Traveler Handling for Virtual Cards

Always inform the hotel when using a virtual or corporate card, as the traveler will not be able to present the card at time of check-in. Some hotels require the same card at check-in as provided as a guarantee at time of booking. If they are made aware, they may reach out to you to confirm the payment, which is required by the hotel to build the correct folio structure prior to check-in.

The specialInformation field can be used to notify the front desk of this situation at the time of booking. Please remember to not include any card details or PII data in this field.

Merchant Category Codes

Configure virtual cards for multiple charges for Merchant Category Code 4722 (Travel Agencies and Tour Operators) in addition to lodging (7011) or unique MCCs.

  • For Expedia Collect bookings, where Expedia is the merchant of record, the charge will be processed with MCC 4722
  • For Hotel Collect bookings the hotel may process multiple charges on the provided according to the rate policy