Cancel an existing reservation for a single room. To cancel an entire multi-room booking, each room on the itinerary must be cancelled individually.

If you need help parsing or messaging hotel cancellation penalties, please see our documentation on the cancelPolicyInfoList array.

If you receive an error when cancelling a live booking, refer to our cancellation errors page. See our test booking procedures for help with test bookings.

Request Formats
XML Parent Element: <HotelRoomCancellationRequest>

Request Parameters

Base Parameters
Name Value Required Description
apiExperience string yes

Use this attribute to identify the origin of your request. Choose an applicable value from the set provided below for each request you send.

PARTNER_CALL_CENTER - request from an agent in your call center
PARTNER_WEBSITE - request from a customer-facing website
PARTNER_MOBILE_WEB - request from a mobile-formatted website
PARTNER_MOBILE_APP - request from a mobile app
PARTNER_BOT_CACHE - request from a cache bot
PARTNER_BOT_REPORTING - request from a reporting bot
PARTNER_AFFILIATE - request from an API/platform that serves your own affiliate base

itineraryId long yes The itinerary ID provided at the time of the reservation.
email string yes The email address that was provided at the time of the reservation.
confirmationNumber string yes The confirmation number for the room to be cancelled.

Remember that multi-room bookings must be cancelled one room at a time in separate requests - sending multiple confirmation numbers in a single request will not work.
reason string no Reason code for the cancellation, if appropriate. This is not required and typically does not affect the processing of the cancellation.

HOC: Hotel asked me to cancel
COP: Change of plans
FBP: Found a better price
FBH: Found a better hotel
CNL: Decided to cancel my plans
NSY: Rather not say
OTH: Other

Response Content
Parent Element: HotelRoomCancellationResponse

Name Value Description
cancellationNumber string Reference number for the cancellation, if successful. Customers should continue to retain their itinerary and confirmation numbers in addition to this number for any further correspondence.

Example REST Request:
minorRev=[current minorRev #]

Example JSON Response:


Example XML Request:
minorRev=[current minorRev #]

Example XML Response: