Note: If you receive an error for invalid authentication, please wait for at least 5 minutes before trying a corrected request. Retrying more frequently will cause repeated failures due to cache timing.

429 - Too Many Requests

A 429 status code is returned when request counts exceed a throttle limit.
Every request can be subjected to two different throttles: those where an integration is sending requests at a rate above the limit and those where the EAN servers are experiencing load above the limit.

When a partner makes an EAN API request, the receiving server checks if the request count is within the limit. If the request count is within the limit, the request goes through and the count is increased for the client.
If the client request count exceeds the limit, the server will return a response with a HTTP 429 (Too Many Requests) status code.

The server can optionally include a `Retry-After` header. This indicates how long you should wait before sending your next request.


HTTP/1.1 429 Too Many Requests
Content-Type: text/html
Retry-After: 30