Supplier Messages Indicating the Booking is Still in Process

  A pending supplier status, or status code PS, is a temporary status. Bookings that return with this status must be monitored until they resolve to a permanent confirmed (CF) or error (ER) status.

The initial booking response for a booking in pending supplier status will not provide a status code. The booking response will instead contain an EanWsError body with the following specific handling, category and message values:

Example pending supplier booking response:

    <ns2:HotelRoomReservationResponse xmlns:ns2="">

<presentationMessage>Reservation Requires Agent to Confirm</presentationMessage>
<verboseMessage>Agent waiting on supplier for confirmation number: null</verboseMessage>
<ServerInfo instance="53" timestamp="1441216950" serverTime="13:02:30.155-0500" />

The pending supplier response should also contain an itineraryId value, as shown above. Use this value to monitor the booking via the itinerary service. The itinerary response will return a status value of PS if the booking is still in a pending status.

To force this error for testing purposes, please see our forced booking error page.

Handling Process:

  1. If you send your own booking emails, send a "Reservation Pending" email with appropriate details from the initial booking request. If EAN manages your booking emails (default behavior), this will happen automatically.
  2. Use the itinerary request to check the booking's status every 5 minutes. Continue monitoring the booking until the status code changes from PS, or for up to 3 days, whichever comes first. Most bookings will resolve within a few hours to a day.
  3. If/when the itinerary request returns a confirmed/CF status, the booking has resolved to a successful state. Treat it the same as a booking that resolved normally on the first attempt. If you send your own booking emails, send your standard booking confirmation to the customer. This will happen automatically if EAN manages your emails.
  4. If/when the itinerary request returns an error/ER status, the booking has permanently failed. Send your standard failed booking notice, or allow EAN to do so if we manage your emails. You may wish to prompt the customer to reattempt their booking if they are still in session on your site when the status change occurs.

Remember that PS bookings must be monitored, not actively managed. Attempting to cancel or otherwise manipulate a booking that is still in PS status may elongate the time it takes to resolve into a stable state, or prevent it from resolving at all.