Stack Trace Error that can result in a Confirmed Booking

When connecting to suppliers, situations can occur which are beyond the control of any resource attempting to connect to them.

Pay special note to this Create Order stack trace error that can result in a confirmed booking once the order system completes a delayed or pending process.

Resubmitting the reservation request without following up in these cases will duplicate the booking.



An unknown error occurred.

error.unknown: Create Order Unexpected Exception: Could not send Message. Could not send Message.
at org.apache.cxf.jaxws.JaxWsClientProxy.
at $Proxy89.createOrder(Unknown Source)
at com.travelnow.orderApi.OrderClient.

Note that category indicates an unknown supplier communication problem occurred, handling indicates there will be an follow up once the supplier system completes the final booking process, however, the confirmation may occur up to 15 minutes later.

Also note there is an itinerary number returned which can assist in confirming the status of the booking later by using the itinerary request to retrieve the finial status of the booking.

This message means "Do not keep sending duplicate bookings. The original booking may be completed once the order process updates but we do not yet know the final outcome." The EAN system automatically continues to check with the Expedia systems to obtain the correct status of the booking and will update the itinerary when this occurs.

It is up to the affiliate to do the same, especially when sending confirmation emails. Without proper messaging the user may not know when the booking has been confirmed.

  • Use the category and handling codes to message the user that a booking is still pending and to call customer service (EAN customer service, or your own agents) if they can not wait to be contacted with a confirmation email.
  • The booking is flagged for follow up and an agent will forward the final confirmation number or failed result once it is known.
  • Customers should NOT resubmit the request without verifying the final outcome of their purchase first.