IP Authentication will no longer be supported and is not the preferred authentication method. See the API Authentication guide for our shared secret-based method. Please contact your EAN representative or support@ean.com with any further questions.

Get Your Account & CID

If you already have a CID, you already have the only account you'll need.

What's Changed with Key Management?

If you have integrated with EAN before, you will now use Affiliate Center to create new API keys and access information on your existing CID/key pairs, instead of devsecure.ean.com.

Any keys registered in the past are available to manage in Affiliate Center – simply log in with the CID associated with the key(s).

While we no longer offer IP authentication as an option for new API keys, you may use Affiliate Center to continue managing requesting IPs for any existing keys.

Register for an API Key

An API key is required to authenticate with our API. Obtaining an API key is a quick & simple process within EAN's Affiliate Center. If you are launching exclusively on our template, you do not need an API key.

1. Sign in to the Affiliate Center with your new credentials, then click Key Details under the API menu.

Step 1.png

2. Review the terms and conditions linked on the resulting page, then click "I accept" to register for a new API key. You may create only one API key per CID.

3. After accepting the terms and conditions, you will be presented with your new API key and shared secret. Your shared secret is used to generate the MD5 hash required to authenticate with our API.

Your API key will be in development mode until your integration is approved for launch. Any bookings made under development mode are considered test bookings – no commissions will be credited to your account.
Review our launch requirements before you begin development to make your approval process as easy as possible.

Build Your Application

Once you've registered your new API key, you're ready to start developing!

  • All development is done with your own CID and API key
  • You must generate a valid signature hash for all test requests
  • Prices returned for CID/key pairs under development mode for test purposes only
  • Try out our API Sandbox

More Learning Tools

Typical Shopping and Booking Paths can be used for planning:

Shopping Path Flow


Service options diagrams outline where to make specific data or content selections:

service options: property availability

Service Options: Hotel List

service options: reservations

service options: hotel info

Note: Data flow typically starts with the Hotel List request by searching for availability or creating a landing page displaying a dateless list of properties in a destination.

Use the Best Practice guides and the Launch Requirements Checklist during your development to save time correcting mistakes or fixing issues in the end.

To use static content locally, download any of the Database files.

Complete the Checklist

Complete the Launch Requirements.

  1. Following these requirements while programming will expedite your approval to launch.
  2. Do not submit a request for review until all items are fully satisfied.
Missing info and incorrect items delay commercial access.

Finalize Your Launch

menu selection new.png
  1. Visit the EAN Service Desk and select Submit a request from the top menu.
  2. Choose the "Request Review…" option from the dropdown menu and fill out the resulting form completely.
  3. Review and submit the form to create a ticket for your review request.
  4. Your review request ticket will be updated as the status of your review progresses. Most reviews are completed in 10 business days or less.
When you are approved to launch, we will:
  1. Set your API key to production access
  2. Resolve your support ticket
  3. Notify you via the email provided on your request form

Final Steps

Once approved to launch, remove any static test values, including any customer values for required common elements, and ensure your requests use only production-enabled CIDs.