Development and Production Access

For all new API keys created within the EAN Affiliate Center, all requests must use the key's associated CID to authenticate. Test requests cannot be made without a valid API key and CID. There is no need to change any key or CID values between development and production mode.

What's the Difference Between Development and Production?

Development status means that:
  • Sales aren't tracked to you
  • You can't make live bookings
Production status means that:
  • Shopping requests use
  • Booking requests use
  • Commissions are tracked to your account
  • Live bookings are permitted

When you're ready to launch your application and make live bookings, apply for a site review. We'll review your site against the Launch Requirements and set your key to production status.

Once you've been approved to go live and your key is set to live access, you will have sales and commissions tracked to your EAN affiliate account.