XML Example Request/Response Pairs

  • Basic XML Availability Location Search: Standard basic search for available hotels to book in a specific location with “paging” for more results.

  • Alternative XML Availability Location Search: Modified availability search using alternate location elements such as hotel ID lists, proximity with latitude and longitude or destination string.

    Depending on what details are sent, the system has a hierarchy of what will be searched. Also depending on what is sent, that hierarchy renders certain other variables invalid and ignores them if they are in conflict with what is logically desired based on the parameters submitted. Here are different possible searches you can perform:

    1. Use city/stateProvinceCode/countryCode parameters - the most basic search
    2. Use a free text destinationString – an even more basic search using a single parameter where only a city or destination name can be used
    3. Use latitude/longitude/searchRadius/searchRadiusUnit - Include proximity sort with this option to have the results sorted from the center point. This creates a “pinpoint” search and is used instead of any other destination values.
    4. Use a hotelIdList of specific properties – if hotel IDs are included, then these properties are retried and any destination variables are ignored.

    The most logical, relevant, and optimized search omits anything that isn’t relevant or valid and never sends an empty parameter. Therefore each choice is itemized as a specific and separate search type.

  • Basic XML Dateless or Active Hotel List: Standard basic search for hotels in a location without regard to dates or availability. Use the same request as the availability search but, omit dates and RoomGroup elements.
  • Data Response Options on Basic XML Availability or Dateless Hotel Lists: Submit specific or combined “options” to obtain certain content within the result. These options allow the ability to abbreviate the volume of data returned.

REST/JSON Example Request/Response Pairs