Introducing EAN Global Customer Operations Solutions with Customer Self Service Tools

Employ this dedicated, standalone customer support website for support of EAN Hotel bookings. It offers fast, 24x7 global access to a knowledge base of useful help articles that are continuously updated.  Use as a pop up, stand-alone page, or iFrame widget to provide customer access to common support and help information. Currently only in English with plans to expand to other languages in time.


  • Keyword search capability
  • User article success and feedback ratings
  • Site and article utilization reporting
  • Living content - continuously growing as information is added
  • Fast deployment – standalone site operating outside other EAN platforms. 
  • URL call to open portal 

Improve support cost management and strategy:

  • Lower support costs by increasing self fulfillment of requests handled by agents
  • Reduce average support cost of sale and drive down cost of sale expense and growth
  • Increase booking net margin
  • Lower annual agent headcount growth/cost, improved agent ROI
  • Increase customer retention and decrease acquisition costs
  • Reduce customer churn with an improved, full-featured support experience

Increase customer satisfaction and retention:

  • Increase customer service value with improved self help capability
  • Improve consistency and value of information provided to customers
  • Increase agent value/ROI by realigning to higher value roles/services
  • Reduce operational redundancy - ensure that baseline customer service remains available when agents are unavailable 

The iFrame below demonstrates the customer service FAQ link used within an existing webpage. Contact your account manager for any additional assistance in using this asset on your site.