When you have completed development on your integration, the final step ahead of launching your site is requesting and passing a site review by EAN support. Support will communicate with you directly during the review process to provide any help or clarification you require.

After passing your site review, we will enable your CID and API key pair for full sales access.

Note that you may be required to go back and fix or implement certain launch requirements in order to pass your site review. To help avoid such delays, EAN strongly recommends following the appropriate launch requirements during development.

Launch Requirement Checklist

All API partners must meet the requirements outlined on the lists below. Refer to the requirements list that corresponds to your integration type.

  • Launch Requirements – B2C - These launch requirements apply to all affiliates with a business-to-consumer (B2C) integration model where end customers interact with your integration directly.
  • Launch Requirements – B2B - These launch requirements apply to all affiliates with a business-to-business (B2B) integration model where internal agents, members of an affiliate program, etc. interact with the software instead of end customers.

Requesting a Site Review

When you are satisfied that your site meets the requirements outlined in the appropriate launch requirement list, you may request a site review. Before submitting your request, please be prepared to provide API request/response logs as used in your application for the following services:

  • Hotel List request and response
  • Room Availability request and response
  • Room Reservation request and response
  • Payment Types request and response [for postpay inventory only]
  1. Visit the EAN Service Desk and select Submit a request from the top menu.
  2. Choose the "Request Review…" option from the dropdown menu and fill out the resulting form completely.
  3. Review and submit the form to create a ticket for your review request.
  4. Your review request ticket will be updated as the status of your review progresses. Most reviews are completed in 10 business days or less.