Do not request a site review until all API integration checkpoints have been completed in full.

When you are satisfied that your site meets the requirements outlined in the appropriate launch requirement list, you may request a site review. Before submitting your request, please be prepared to provide API request/response logs as used in your application for the following services:

  • Hotel List request and response
  • Room Availability request and response
  • Room Reservation request and response
  • Payment Types request and response [for postpay inventory only]


When you are ready, please request a site review via the following steps:

  1. Visit the EAN Service Desk and select Submit a request from the top menu.
  2. Choose the "Request Review…" option from the dropdown menu and fill out the resulting form completely.
  3. Review and submit the form to create a ticket for your review request.
  4. Your review request ticket will be updated as the status of your review progresses. Most reviews are completed in 10 business days or less.

We will review each site you create for each CID.

  • If you have multiple CIDs and websites, submit an individual application for each apiKey/CID from the form.
  • If you have one CID/apiKey pair for multiple sites, then only one application for review is necessary.
  • Indicate the appropriate product line you wish to have reviewed on your site review request form.
  • Any missing and required information to complete your review or set your account for live booking access will delay your launch.

Allow up to 10 business days for us to schedule the review and contact you with our results.

If you have followed through with each of the checklist instructions, you will pass the review quickly and easily.

Check your work before submitting the site review form.

Continued correspondence to correct any missing items will needlessly delay your launch and waste valuable time.

  • Missing items will cause your approval to fail.
  • Sites that are inaccessible will not be reviewed and the request will be deleted.
  • Pages that result in errors will cause your approval to fail.
  • Sending CID 0, CID 60449, or CID 55505 will cause your request to be deleted without review. These are not valid affiliate account IDs.
  • Requests for reviews for sites using affiliate template pages ONLY will be deleted.