Retrieve an existing itinerary's status and details, confirm the status of a previously requested booking, or retrieve a list of itineraries from a specified date span.

Use this request to confirm the status of bookings that returned with a status other than "CF" and prevent potential duplicate bookings.

Request Formats
XML Parent Element: <HotelItineraryRequest>

Request Parameters

Base Parameters
Name Value Required Description
itineraryId long no Value returned from a previous booking request. Do not send together with affiliateConfirmationId.

Note: For hotels that use Expedia Partner Central, itineraries cannot be located using this value . Use the EXPEDIA_BOOKING_ITEM_ID confirmationExtras value to return a value compatible with EPC.

affiliateConfirmationId string no Value associated with the booking, if this element was used in the booking request. Use as a substitute when itineraryId is not available, such as after a timed out booking response. Do not send together with itineraryId.
email string yes if itineraryId is used Email address on the booking.
lastName string yes if creditCardNumber is used Last name on the booking
creditCardNumber string no The credit card number used to make the booking. Must send with lastName.
confirmationExtras array no Indicate a specific tracking data element to be identified in the records returned. additionalData1 and additionalData2 are returned by default unless specified.
If requesting more than one additional data element, this is a comma delimited list. Refer to the Track Bookings page for more info on sending tracking data in the reservation request.
ItineraryQuery object no

Use this object to request a list of itineraries based on a date range. You can search via itinerary creation dates or check-out dates.

Note: same-day bookings may not return when using this method, as a different data table must be used than the one used for single itineraryId requests. The table used for ItineraryQuery may be delayed by up to a day.

ItineraryQuery.creationDateStart string no Starting date when searching via creation date. Search for itineraries booked up to 30 days ago.
ItineraryQuery.creationDateEnd string yes if a start date was specified Ending date when searching via creation date. Use a date range of one day to return today's bookings. Longer date ranges will exclude today's bookings.
ItineraryQuery.departureDateStart string no Starting date when searching via check-out date. Search for itineraries up to 30 days after end-of-stay.
ItineraryQuery.departureDateEnd string yes if a start date was specified Ending date when searching via check-out date.
ItineraryQuery.includeChildAffiliates boolean no

Send as true to return any child accounts belonging to the cid sent in the request.

Itinerary Response
Returns all details for individual itineraries, including the property and rooms booked, the customer details used to book the room, and the status of the booking itself.

This response can also return a list of itineraries based off of a range of departure or creation dates specified in the request.

Use this information to supply additional confirmation information at a customer's request, to verify the status of an existing booking if it initially returned with an error, or when using one of the date range options, to compile internal sales statistics.

Since this response returns customer information, deliver any user-facing data via HTTPS.
Response Content
Parent Element: HotelItineraryResponse
Array Element: Itinerary

The itinerary response consists of an array of Itinerary within the HotelItineraryResponse parent element. Single itineraries simply return as a single instance of Itinerary.

The parent element has a single size attribute to indicate the number of itineraries contained within the response.

Itinerary elements

Name Value Description
itineraryId long ID associated with the booking. Only provide to customers if you rely on EAN support (you do not have your own agents).
affiliateId long cid credited for the booking
creationDate string Date reservation was booked
itineraryStartDate string Check-in date
itineraryEndDate string Check-out date
affiliateCustomerId string Value used when booking was placed, if applicable
Customer object Contains all information for the customer associated with the booking. In this case customer = cardholder of the payment card used to create the booking. string Customer's email address
Customer.firstName string Customer's first name
Customer.lastName string Customer's last name
Customer.homePhone string Customer's home phone
Customer.workPhone string Customer's work phone, if provided
Customer.extension string Customer's phone extension, if provided
Customer.faxPhone string Customer's fax number, if provided
Customer.CustomerAddresses array Contains the customer's address information
CustomerAddresses.address1 string Customer's street address
CustomerAddresses.address2 string Second street address line, if provided
CustomerAddresses.address3 string Third street address line, if provided string Customer's city
CustomerAddresses.stateProvinceCode string Two character code for the state/province containing the specified city. Returns only for US, CA, and AU country codes.

US State Codes
Canadian Province/Territory Codes
Australian Province/Territory Codes
  • Australian Capital - AC
  • New South Wales - NW
  • Northern Territory - NO
  • Queensland - QL
  • South Australia - SA
  • Tasmania - TS
  • Victoria - VC
  • Western Australia - WT
CustomerAddresses.countryCode string Two character ISO-3166 code for the customer's country.
CustomerAddresses.postalCode string Customer's postal code
CustomerAddresses.isPrimary boolean Indicates if this is the primary known address for the customer
CustomerAddresses.type int A value of 1 indicates a billing address, a value of 2 indicates a shipping address.
HotelConfirmation object/array

Contains information on the room and hotel booked as well as the current status of the itinerary.

Returns as an array for multi-room bookings or for any bookings where an existing itineraryId was sent as a follow-up to a previous credit card error (see the entry for itineraryId as a request parameter for details).

HotelConfirmation.supplierId long Supplier used to book the hotel.
2: Expedia Collect hotels
9: Expedia Collect condos
13: properties
HotelConfirmation.chainCode string Hotel chain code
HotelConfirmation.creditCardType string Credit card type used to create the booking
HotelConfirmation.arrivalDate string Check-in date
HotelConfirmation.departureDate string Check-out date
HotelConfirmation.confirmationNumber string Confirmation number returned in the reservation response when the booking was placed. Only provide to customers if you rely on EAN support (you do not have your own agents).
HotelConfirmation.cancellationNumber string Cancellation number returned in the cancellation response if the itinerary was cancelled
HotelConfirmation.numberOfAdults int Number of adults confirmed for the reservation
HotelConfirmation.numberOfChildren int Number of children confirmed for the reservation
HotelConfirmation.affiliateConfirmationId string Value sent for the booking, if any
HotelConfirmation.smokingPreference string Smoking preference, if indicated on the original booking
HotelConfirmation.supplierPropertyId string Supplier property ID, same as propertyId in the availability response
HotelConfirmation.roomType string Room type code for the room booked
HotelConfirmation.rateType string Rate type for the room booked
HotelConfirmation.rateDescription string Rate description of the rate for the room.
HotelConfirmation.roomDescription string Short room description.
HotelConfirmation.status string Indicates the status of the reservation in the supplier system at the time of booking. Anticipate appropriate customer messaging for all non-confirmed values.
CF Confirmed
CX Cancelled
UC Unconfirmed.
PS Pending Supplier. Agent will follow up with customer when confirmation number is available.
ER Error. Booking has permanently failed.
DT Deleted Itinerary (Usually a test or failed booking)
HotelConfirmation.locale string Locale used to place the booking
HotelConfirmation.nights int Number of nights booked
HotelConfirmation.GenericRefund object Contains the currency type and amount of partial credits or refunds issued against the requested itinerary due to customer complaints (not refunds for complete cancellations). Available with minorRev=26 and above.
GenericRefund.refundAmount int The value of the credit/refund issued against the itinerary. Available with minorRev=26 and above.
GenericRefund.currencyCode string The currency code for the provided credit/refund amount. Available with minorRev=26 and above.
HotelConfirmation.RateInfos object

Contains the RateInfo object used in the originating booking request. Also contains the original nonRefundable and cancellationPolicy values.

HotelConfirmation.ReservationGuest object/array Contains the guest name(s) on the booking.

JSON responses will return guest name pairs as an array instead of an object for multi-room bookings with a status of DT, CX, PS, or ER.
HotelConfirmation.specialCheckInInstructions string Contains information critical for check-in, such as a requirement to notify the property of an expected arrival time. Display this information in the same area as the primary check-in instructions.
ReservationGuest.firstName string Guest's first name
ReservationGuest.lastName string Guest's last name
HotelConfirmation.Hotel object Information for the hotel booked
Hotel.hotelId long ID associated with the property at the time of booking
Hotel.statusCode string The current status of the hotel in EAN's database at the time of the itinerary request. Any status other than A cannot be rebooked.
C:Confidenced string Name of the hotel
Hotel.address1 string Street address of the hotel
Hotel.address2 string Second street address line, if provided
Hotel.address3 string Third street address line, if provided string City where the hotel is located
Hotel.stateProvinceCode string Two character code for the state/province containing the specified city. Returns only for US, CA, and AU country codes.

US State Codes
Canadian Province/Territory Codes
Australian Province/Territory Codes
Hotel.countryCode string Two character ISO-3166 code for the customer's country.
Hotel.postalCode string Postal code of the hotel float/string Hotel phone number.
Avoid providing to the customer directly to prevent customer service issues arising from changes or cancellations conducted directly with hotel rather than via EAN's or your own customer servide department.
Encourage customers to reply to their confirmation email and/or call customer service for any questions about their reservation.
Note: this value may return as a float or a string, depending on how it is formatted by the hotel.
Hotel.fax string Hotel's fax number
Hotel.latitude float Latitude coordinate for the hotel
Hotel.longitude float Longitude coordinate for the hotel
Hotel.coordinateAccuracyCode string Code for accuracy of the provided coordinates
Hotel.lowRate float Statistical low rate of the hotel
Hotel.highRate float Statistical high rate of the hotel
Hotel.hotelRating float Hotel's star rating string The market the booking was applied to, e.g. Los Angeles.
Hotel.region string Regional market the booking was applied to, e.g. California.
Hotel.superRegion string Returns the superregion the booking was applied to, e.g. AMER.
Hotel.theme string Theme of the property booked, e.g. beach hotel, spa hotel, etc.
HotelConfirmation.ConfirmationExtras container for ConfirmationExtra array Returns any requested tracking info submitted with the booking. Has size attribute to indicate the number of values associated with the booking. Must specify any custom values in the request in order for them to be returned. string The name of the additionalData item
ConfirmationExtras.value string Value of the tracking data submitted
HotelConfirmation.ValueAdds container for ValueAdd Contains all value adds included with the reservation. Has a size attribute to indicate the number of individual value adds.

Available with minorRev=28 or higher.
ValueAdds.ValueAdd array

Contains a description element describing an individual free service offered with the provided room and rate, such as free breakfast or wireless internet.

Available with minorRev=28 or higher.