The confirmationExtras array is used in the itinerary request to return specific tracking data elements in the response. Refer to the Track Bookings page for more info on sending tracking data in the reservation request.

Refer to possible confirmationExtras values below. ADDITIONAL_DATA_1 and ADDITIONAL_DATA_2 will be returned if no other values are specified. Multiple elements may be requested by using a comma-delimited list.

confirmationExtra value Data Returned
ADDITIONAL_DATA_1 Generic partner-defined field. Represented in affiliate stats as temp1.
ADDITIONAL_DATA_2 Generic partner-defined field. Represented in affiliate stats as temp2.
NEW_GENERIC_TEMP_1 affiliateConfirmationId from the booking request
NEW_GENERIC_TEMP_2 Populated with the date and time of booking. Ex: TBOM25042013153451309
CUSTOMER_IP Customer IP address from the time of booking
POS_JURISDICTION_CODE Country resolved from the provided customer IP address
SPECIAL_REQUESTS Any special requests (e.g. adjoining rooms, top floor, etc). that may have been sent in a booking request by the customer in the specialInformation field.
USER_AGENT Identifies the browser used to complete the booking
COUPON_CODE Returns the coupon code applied to the booking, if any
COUPON_DISCOUNT Details the discount applied by a coupon code, if any
AFFILIATE_MEMBERSHIP_NUMBER Returns any loyalty program code, membership number, etc. that may have been provided at booking
RATE_PLAN_TYPE The rate plan type used to make the booking

The booking platform used to complete the booking

Possible values:

  • 000004 = Legacy Systems (online)
  • 000005 = Call Center (offline)
  • 000006 = EAN Template (online)
  • 000007 = EAN API (online)
EXPEDIA_BOOKING_ITEM_ID The hotel-facing reservation value provided to the property for all Expedia bookings. The hotel can use this value to look up a booking in Expedia Partner Central or a connected CRS (EPC cannot accept EAN itineraryId values at this time).