Name Type Required Description
currencyCode string only for booking
  • Default USD if not specified in shopping requests
  • currencyCode can be used to convert rates to the desired currency:
    • Only supported currencies can be used to charge EAN bookings.
    • Rates can be converted or displayed in any other currency but the "chargeable" currency returned in the results applies for payment and must be displayed to the user as required by our launch requirements.
    • Chargeable rates or native rates are the chargeable values at booking time, regardless of the currency requested.This is the value required in booking requests to avoid price errors.
    • Converted rates or display rates are converted rates only if the currency requested is not the hotel's native currency, or is not supported as an Expedia Collect payment option.
Supported Currencies: Special Cases for AMEX

Please note that American Express does not support the following currencies otherwise supported by EAN, regardless of locale:

  • BRL
  • INR
  • MXN

Use the payment types request to validate acceptable card types.

Supported Currencies

All countries support the below currency set, regardless of your business location or the customer point of sale.

AED United Arab Emirates Dirham
ARS Argentine peso
AUD Australian dollar
BND Brunei Dollar
BRL Brazilian real
CAD Canadian dollar
CHF Swiss franc
CNY Chinese yuan
DKK Danish krone
EGP Egyptian Pound
EUR Euro
GBP Pound sterling
HKD Hong Kong dollar
IDR Indonesian rupiah
ILS Israeli new shequel
INR Indian rupee
JPY Japanese yen
KRW South Korean wan
MOP Macanese Pataca
MXN Mexican peso
MYR Malaysian ringgit
NOK Norwegian krone
NZD New Zealand dollar
PHP Philippine peso
PLN Polish Zloty
RUB Russian rouble
SAR Saudi Arabia Riyal
SEK Swedish krone
SGD Singapore dollar
THB Thai baht
TRY Turkish Lira
TWD New Taiwan dollar
USD United States dollar
VND Vietnamese dong