Element Type Required Description
creditCardType (string) true
  • The customer's card to be used as their form of payment
  • These card types are accepted by the Expedia payment system if the card type is accepted in the currency used
  • For virtual & corporate cards from any issuer, please review our virtual card best practices

Valid Card Options

  • VI = Visa
  • AX = American Express
  • BC = BC Card
  • CA = MasterCard
  • DS = Discover
  • DC = Diners Club
  • T = Carta Si
  • R = Carte Bleue
  • E = Visa Electron
  • JC = Japan Credit Bureau
  • TO = Maestro

If a supported currency has been specified for an Expedia Collect reservation, that currency will be charged on the customer credit card.

Use the payment types request to populate the acceptable card types that can be used to pay with the currency requested.

Any affiliates who fail to properly message accurate charges will incur chargebacks to their account in the event of a customer dispute.

Card Validation Notes

Perform these basic validation checks before sending payment information to EAN to help ensure successful first-attempt transactions and improve customer experience:

  • Restrict the card number and card security value (CSV) fields to numerical digits only. MasterCard and Visa CSVs should be 3 digits.
  • Perform a Mod10/Luhn check against the card number - if it fails, ask the cardholder to verify their number
  • Use basic logic checks to ensure the expiration date is not in the past
  • Never auto-fill the cardholder name or address fields - the site user, traveler, and cardholder may sometimes be two or three different people.

For more detailed card number verifications, below are known card number lengths, ranges, and codes. For details on additional cards accepted by EAN but not detailed here, see the card issuer's website.

Card Type Code Card Length Bin Number Range
Mastercard CA 16 51,52,53,54,55
Visa VI 13,16 4
American Express AX 15 34,37
BC Card BC 16 65730300 - 65735099
65410300 - 65415099
65420300 - 65425099
65430300 - 65432099
65432200 - 65435099
65560300 - 65565099
65580300 - 65585099
65590300 - 65595099
Diners Club DC 14 304,305,36,38,60
Discover DS 16 60110,60112,60113,60114,60119 
Electron E 16 450875,4844,4917,491880 
JCB, Japan Credit Bureau JC 15,16 35
Maestro TO 16,18,19 5020,5038,6304,6759
Carte Bleue  13,16 
Carte Si  16