The following documentation defines the API specification for services offered by EAN's V3 Hotel API. Support is offered only for these services when used as prescribed by this documentation.

Common Elements and API Endpoints

Services within the EAN API are accessed via this standard base URL format for all protocols:

http[s]://{subdomain}{request name}?&{request element 1}&{request element 2}&...

A fixed set of endpoints, each defined by an subdomain, is used for all protocols.

Common request elements are used to provide authentication details, desired currencies and locales, and to provide customer session and usage details for each API service.

Review common elements and API endpoints


EAN API services accept the UTF-8 Basic Latin and Latin-1 Supplement character sets. Use only these charsets for all requests unless advised otherwise by support. Some parameter values have special character restrictions, e.g. postal codes for booking requests – such restrictions are detailed in their corresponding parameter definitions within our documentation.

Usage Requirements

  • Implement logic to prevent duplicate bookings
  • Implement logic to handle pending and error states
  • Determine valid payment types before booking
  • Include the following with each booking request:
    • Customer's IP address
    • Customer's email address
    • Customer's browser user agent
    • Unique confirmation ID
    • Your company's internal booking reference
  • Implement any anti-fraud tools as directed by Expedia Affiliate Network

Your failure to adhere to the any of the [chargeback] guidelines above shall permit EAN to hold you solely responsible for and offset commissions to be paid you against any costs, expenses or fees related to each transaction that is subsequently cancelled, refunded, charged back, or disputed by the traveler, including but not limited to chargeback amounts, interchange fees or merchant processing costs, penalties, fines, and fees.

Traffic Ratio Requirements

We require our partners to maintain the following traffic ratios (for every x number of requests of the given type, we expect at least 1 booking at minimum):

  • Hotel List Requests: 5000:1
  • Room Availability Requests: 500:1

API Services

Service Request Name Description
Hotel List list Request a list of hotels by location or by a list of hotel IDs. Hotels may be returned by availability or as a static/"dateless" list.
Room Availability avail Retrieves a single property's rooms & rates that meet the specified guest count & dates of stay.
Book Reservation res Book up to 8 rooms using room and rate information from the room response.
Itinierary Retrieval itin Retrieve single itineraries for customer use, or retrieve all itineraries across a specified date range.
Cancel Reservation cancel Cancel a single room on an itinerary.
Room Images roomImages Retrieve room-level photos for a specific property.
Payment Types paymentInfo Determine the credit card types a property will accept for a specific currency.
Hotel Info info Retrieve any combination of hotel and room amenities, property information, suppliers, property images, and more for a single hotel.