TripAdvisor Integration Requirements & Guidelines

Part 1 – Coverage Requirements
You must show TripAdvisor’s Licensed Content (as set out below) on at least 80% of the overall properties listed on your site.
Part 2 - TripAdvisor Brand Guidelines


 I. All displays of Licensed Content on Licensee Site will be subject to approval by EAN before launch.

II. Spelling of “TripAdvisor”

Licensee must spell “TripAdvisor” correctly in all cases (i.e. as a single word with no space between ‘Trip’ and ‘Advisor’, with a capital ‘T’ and a capital ‘A’).

III. TripAdvisor logo on Licensee Site home page

Within one month of the Effective Date and for the duration of the Agreement, Licensee will include on the Partner Site homepage a TripAdvisor logo with an introductory sentence, e.g. “<Logo TripAdvisor> reviews – coming soon!”. The logo must be placed above the fold.
Licensee shall use one of the logos below. Licensee will not store and locally serve TripAdvisor logos.

Example mock-ups:

Before the Launch Date:                                          After the Launch Date:


IV. TripAdvisor logo on Licensee Site property pages

All displays of Licensed Content on Licensee Site property pages must be accompanied by a TripAdvisor logo. The logo must be positioned as close as possible to the Licensed Content. When referencing TripAdvisor as the source of content, refer to it as “Powered by TripAdvisor"

V. TripAdvisor Ratings Bar for hotels

The TripAdvisor Ratings Bar must be used with the owl eyes and five green concentric circles for the overall rating of each property. The bar always has five circles whether the score is 5 out of 5 or 1 out of 5.
3 out of 5 is shown thus:
Sizing: 119 x 20 pixels

The TripAdvisor Ratings Bar must be shown for each property with the text “TripAdvisor Traveler Rating” and indicate the number of reviews on which it is based. This number is dynamic and must be kept updated.


small widget

TripAdvisor ratings bars must be served direct from TripAdvisor urls. Partner will not store and locally serve ratings bars.

The Licensee will make all displays of Licensed Content non-indexable by search engines.

VI. TripAdvisor Content Policies

Licensee will comply with TripAdvisor’s content policies at URL (as such policies may be updated from time to time by TripAdvisor) to ensure the integrity of Licensed Content.